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Key benefits of mobile patrol security guards.

A mobile patrol guard service is the best alternate option to on site security guard service and it is considered to be one of smartest investments for businesses. Mobile patrol security guards are not fixed to a single location, they have benefits of surprising potential threats on sites, preventing any harm or threat.

Carrying out multiple checks.

Mobile security guards are constantly on the movie in a security vehicle and can perform multiple checks on sites. They can carry out a physical inspection of the site, provide identification of illegal issues, lock and unlock services, and escort services for employees or contractors. Mobile patrol units can cover multiple locations for patrolling, keeping sites secured all the time. Legacy protection provides top-class mobile patrol security services in Greater Toronto Area.

Strong physical presence.

Patrolling security guards in their uniforms or in marked vehicles are hard to go unnoticed. They provide physical recognition and understanding that there is security present on site. Having visible security on site can discourage onlookers to do any illegal activity. Legacy protection mobile patrol units are fully uniformed and always in marked cars to provide a visible deterrent for criminals.

Prevent burglaries at nighttime.

Nighttime burglaries are increasing because most of the businesses and stores are closed at night, leaving them without security. Opting in for night mobile patrolling service can help prevent robbery. Nighttime mobile patrolling is also one of the best options for open areas and parking facilities to prevent trespassing on the property.

Quick response time.

Mobile patrol security guards are capable of reacting quickly to emergency situations because they are always on move. They can reach on site within minutes. This is one of the main reasons businesses in Toronto hire mobile patrol security. Legacy protection’s mobile patrol services also provide expert key-holding and quick alarm response services. If an alarm goes off on premises, a mobile unit is dispatched immediately and can perform necessary checks on premises to make sure it’s secure and safe.

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