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Top 5 skills a security officer should have.

Security officers are first responders to emergency situations and having these skills can help to handle situations professionally. Legacy protection provides special training to security guards to have all these skills.


Security guards should be active and focused on their surroundings. With good observation skills, security officers can notice irregularities and possible threats. In case of an emergency, guard should be able to observe and act quickly.


A security guard working in front represents the organization for which the guard is working. Professionalism should be maintained all the time. It means the security guard should be aware of his duties and all policies to maintain professional behavior in all situations.


Security guards are seen working alone most of the time, but in general, they work in teams. Leadership is an important skill to have for team leaders and supervisors to manage teams. This skill is used to give tasks to team members, track activities, and help teammates to meet their safety goals by providing guidance.


Security officers need to communicate effectively with good speaking and written skills. This will help them document incident reports which are understandable and provide clear information to superiors. It is not only important in emergency situations but also a security guard is the first person a customer sees on-site, they should be able to help customers by providing necessary information.

Physical fitness

Security guards should maintain good physical fitness. Lack of physical fitness in security officers is likely to endanger themselves and others around them. Good standing posters and physical presence can help in controlling crowds. Security guards are not supposed to have Olympic level of fitness, yet a certain level of fitness is required which can be easily maintained by eating the right food and doing regular workouts.

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